CBS Returns To Using Dubious Sources In Attempt To Discredit ACA

CBS News, currently under fire for airing a dubious 60 Minutes report that relied on discredited source Dylan Davies, aired a report on the Affordable Care Act based entirely off selectively leaked partial transcripts from ACA opponent, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

On the November 11 edition of CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported on supposed “security risks” surrounding the law's exchange website, Host Scott Pelley alleged that the project manager in charge of building the site “was apparently kept in the dark about serious failures in the website's security.” Pelley speculated that this could eventually lead to “identity theft among people buying insurance.”:

The basis for this report was a “partial transcript” obtained by CBS correspondent Attkisson and provided to her by House Oversight Chairman Rep. Issa.

As MSNBC's Steve Benen pointed out, the CBS report leaves out “pretty much every relevant detail that points in a more accurate direction,” most importantly that the supposed security risk relates to a part of the website that won't be active until Spring 2014 and has nothing to do with the parts of the website that are currently in use. The Hill reported:

A Democratic Oversight committee staffer said the security issue relates to a function of the website that isn't currently active and won't be until early next year.

“It's hard to understand why anyone would trust the accuracy of Chairman Issa's press releases when they consistently distort and manipulate the truth,” the staffer said. “The chairman's staff basically sandbagged this witness with a document he had never seen before and then failed to inform him that it has nothing to do with parts of the website that launched on Oct. 1.”

“Rather than seeking out the truth, this press release tries to scare the public by capitalizing on confusion caused by the chairman's own staff,” the staffer added.

Problematic for CBS is that Issa has earned a reputation for leaking misleading and partial transcripts in order to attack the Obama administration. On November 8, ThinkProgress reported Rep. Elijah Cumming's (D-MD) characterization of Issa leaks to the press regarding's capacity to handle only 1,100 users as “reckless and highly irresponsible.” Cummings concluded that these were “unsubstantiated public allegations” and that Issa was “taking information out of context.”

The use of a dubious source with a history of telling partisan falsehoods in order to spread right wing smears is even more troublesome given the context of the terrible week CBS just experienced for using a dishonest source. Following the airing of an October 27 60 Minutes report on Benghazi in which the main source of the report was proven to be unreliable, CBS received widespread criticism , was forced to retract the story, and apologized on air.