CBS Reporter Asks Mother Of Fatally Shot, Unarmed Black Man If Her Son Was A “Hoodlum”

From the August 12 edition of CBS This Morning:

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MARK STRASSMANN: Kouren Thomas was shot and killed right about this spot. The shotgun blast came through that garage door and the alleged killer told a 911 dispatcher he fired in self-defense. But the victim's mother disagrees. 

SIMONE BUTLER-THOMAS: My heart was just ripped out. Somebody just stomped on it. I felt empty.

STRASSMANN: Simone Butler-Thomas lost her youngest child early Sunday morning. 20-year-old son Kouren Thomas was fatally shot after leaving a crowded house party. 


This is 39-year-old Chad Copley, who allegedly called 911 shortly before the shooting.


Investigators say Copley fired his shotgun from inside his garage, killing Thomas. He was unarmed. His mother says race was a major factor. Kouren, you say, didn't see color? 


STRASSMANN: But the caller. 

BUTLER-THOMAS: Did. My children never, ever lived in the projects. They always went to the best schools, and had the best of everything. 

STRASSMANN: Nothing about Kouren was a hoodlum?



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