CBS interview with Scott Pruitt demonstrates why industry shouldn't guide the EPA

CBS prompts Pruitt to contradict the industry-connected chair of the EPA Science Advisory Board on ozone regulations

From the January 17 episode of CBS Evening News

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MAJOR GARRETT (CBS CORRESPONDENT): And is the philosophy to protect the environment or protect business?

SCOTT PRUITT (EPA ADMINISTRATOR): Well, it's neither. I mean, our focus here should be on stewardship.


GARRETT: Some wonder if the people you have placed in leadership positions have the public's best interests at heart. Michael Honeycutt is the head of the [Environmental Protection Agency] Science Advisory Board. He’s quoted as saying once, “I haven't seen the data that says lowering ozone will produce a health benefit.”  Do you agree with that? 

PRUITT: No, ozone is something that we most definitely have to regulate. It’s a very important thing that we regulate.

GARRETT: There are others who also wonder about those who have come from industry who are in leadership positions here. Why should the American public be comfortable with someone coming from industry and into this agency? 

PRUITT: See, I don't buy the paradigm, Major, this paradigm that says we have to choose industry over the environment or the environment over industry is the old way of thinking. And I will tell you, if we have companies, industries, citizens, who violate the law, we’re going to prosecute them. But we should not start from the premise that all people are that way or all industry is that way. 


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