CBS' Bob Schieffer Slams CNN's Republican Presidential Debate For “No Discussion of The Issues”

Schieffer: “It Was Like Kids Out Behind The Barn Rather Than A Political Debate”

From the February 26 edition of CBS' CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley:

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BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, Scott, I must tell you, I thought things couldn't get lower than they'd already reached in this campaign. I mean, the political discourse, but last night it went even below where I thought it could possibly go. I mean, no discussion of the issues, but people arguing, screaming, hollering. It was like kids out behind the barn rather than a political debate. Then, as he always does, Donald Trump has this tremendous ability to change the subject. He rolls out Chris Christie today and suddenly, that debate seems like it was years ago. We're talking about Chris Christie. 

SCOTT PELLEY (HOST): After 2012, Bob, the Republican Party realized it needed to reach out to a much broader electorate, including Hispanics and African Americans. What happened to that effort?

SCHIEFFER: Well, I'll tell you, that is what is bothering a lot of traditional Republicans. Donald Trump gets big applause when he talks about building that wall along the border with Mexico, but what some Republicans are beginning to wonder is, is he really building a wall around the Republican party, making it impossible for the party now to reach out and to try to broaden its base. Hispanics are the largest growing segment of our society, and Trump seems to be trying to run them off with all of this talk. He says that Hispanics love him, but the polls don't back this up. And I think-- I think this is the problem that is really bothering Republicans now. I've got to tell you, Scott, if they try to run a campaign that appeals only to people who look like me, that is going to be a very tall wall to climb. 


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