CBS' Bob Schieffer Excoriates Trump For Refusing To Accept Election Results: “This Is Not The Way We Do It In The United States Of America”

Schieffer: “It's Dangerous To Be Talking That Way Because It Threatens And Raises Questions About The Very Foundations Of What This Nation Is About”

From CBS' October 19 post-debate coverage: 

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​BOB SCHIEFFER: This is very, very unusual. I mean, it raises the question, well what will he do if he doesn't accept the results? ​I assume he's talking about filing a lawsuit or something, surely he's not thinking about trying to stage a coup, but what is he talking about here? This is not the way we do it in the United States of America. And there's no other way that you can say it. It's dangerous to be talking that way because it threatens and raises questions about the very foundations of what this nation is about. We have peaceful transfers of power in this country, and to somehow to suggest that we're not going to do it that way -- I mean, what is he talking about? 


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