60 Minutes' Benghazi Eyewitness Asked Fox News For Money

A Fox News correspondent says that the network was previously in contact with the witness to the Benghazi attacks that was featured on CBS' 60 Minutes, but that they stopped talking to him when he asked them for money.

An October 27 CBS 60 Minutes segment on the September 11, 2012 attacks on U.S. facility featured an interview with “Morgan Jones,” described by the network's Lara Logan as a “former British soldier” and “security officer who witnessed the attack” who had adopted that pseudonym “for his own safety.”

Asked by Fox News anchor Jenna Lee what information the “Jones” interview brought to the story, correspondent Adam Housley said that he had previously spoken to the man “a number of times and then we stopped speaking to him when he asked for money.” 

HOUSLEY: He reaffirms, really, what we've been reporting. In fact, Jenna, some of our reports for FoxNews.com last fall included this 60 Minutes' witness' account. He spoke to me on the phone a number of times and then we stopped speaking to him when he asked for money. But what he does do in his 60 Minutes appearance last night is once again kind of reaffirm the fact that this attack was vicious. That is was pre-planned. That they knew from the very beginnings of this attack this was not some random situation, this was a pre-planned attack.

Housley further described “Jones” as “a security chief for Blue Mountain Security,” which provided “the security staff that were not armed for the Embassy.”

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