In order to defend Nick Fuentes from Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens discusses how many Jews are in the Biden administration

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Citation From the July 9, 2024, edition of Candace Owens, posted to YouTube

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Jordan Peterson has built himself as somebody who is calm, who is rational, who relies on logic, who is a person who believes in radical free speech. He's now coming to the aid of his daughter and essentially doubling down on calling, which is, again, a 62-year-old man calling a 24-year-old a rat. And what is the reason, by the way? Because we should also say what is it that Nick Fuentes said that garnered that response from Jordan Peterson. And Nick Fuentes wrote one word on Twitter — he wrote Jews. Now what was that in response to? Well, somebody asked the question. We know that Joe Biden is not in control of the White House. So who is in control of the White House? And Nick Fuentes wrote a one-word response — Jews. He's saying Jews are in control of the White House, and that garnered a response from Jordan Peterson calling him a psychopathic rat. Now, we all know that Nick Fuentes has branded himself as somebody who expressly hates Zionism, he expressly hates Israel, and he is saying that Jews in the White House are now obviously in control because Joe Biden is not.

Now, to be fair, the Times of Israel has noted in the past — this is an actual article from them — all the Jews Biden has tapped for top roles in his new administration. This is from back in 2021 when Joe Biden first was inaugurated as president. And it goes on to say, Joe Biden filled the months before inauguration day, lining up a slate of cabinet secretaries, assistants, and advisers, many of them Jewish. It goes on to give us a rundown of all of the Jewish names, all of the Jews that they are saying are in his cabinet. You have Antony Blinken. You have David Cohen, the CIA director. You have Merrick Garland, the attorney general. You have Avril Haines, the director of National Intelligence. You have Ronald Klain, the chief of staff. So it seems a weird tweet for him to be so disturbed about.

Now, again, it's likely because Nick Fuentes has a very long background of focusing his attention on Israel and Zionism, and that's what he is reacting to. Also because Nick Fuentes has called out Jordan Peterson explicitly for a very long time as somebody who he believes has more of an allegiance to Israel than he does to Western civilization in general, essentially that he would put Israel before he would put Canada and before he would put America.

Now I don't know if that's a fair critique of Jordan Peterson, but I do know that it is off-brand for him to respond by calling someone a psychopathic rat. I mean, calling somebody a name, calling somebody an animal when you are billing yourself, right, as the calm, rational psychologist — doctor who insists on logic and that the better ideas should win is just going to be off-brand.