Just before leaving The Daily Wire, Candace Owens declared Ben Shapiro “doesn't have the power to fire me”

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Citation From a March 21 video uploaded to The Breakfast Club's YouTube page

CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD (HOST): I love the way that you and Ben Shapiro are able to disagree, but then, I guess, still have a business relationship. Because I saw him recently tell you — well, this is — I think it was maybe a few months ago. He told you to quit over your — over your Israel coverage, your Palestine / Israel coverage.


CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD: What was that about?

OWENS: Well, he told me — well, the — the tweet that he responded to was actually just some Biblical passages. And he thought that it was me saying that I had to choose money over the — I don't know how he interpreted it, but it was — it was definitely not — I just meant it as, like, you know, peace. Calling for peace because, you know, there was a video circulating of him calling me a disgrace or a faux professional, or whatever it was. I decided to choose peace, and then when I chose peace, he responded to the peace with not peace.

CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD: So why wouldn't he just fire you?

OWENS: Well, as I explained on Tucker Carlson's show, like, Ben doesn't have the power to fire me. And it's not even saying that we disagree on Israel and Palestine. I just think that he's — obviously, his wife is Israeli. He spends a lot of time in Israel throughout the year. I think when you have an emotional attachment to some place, that sometimes your reaction to anything is going to be more extreme to it. You know? I have some relatives that are from Saint Thomas. If what was happening in that region was happening in Saint Thomas, I would probably be the most fired up out of everybody at The Daily Wire. And, yeah, he definitely went through, I think, an emotional time at the end of last year, you know, dealing with everything. I think I was pretty even keel.