The Daily Wire's Candace Owens spreads anti-trans conspiracy theory about Uvalde shooter

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Citation From the May 31, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Think about how weird it is. We're all being shown just one picture of this shooter. And the media came out and they instantly said, “This guy was not trans. The right-wing talking point is that this guy was a transgendered person and that's a lie." Right? They came out and they attacked me. They said that I shared or was referencing a false photo of a different trans person. That never happened. I never shared a single photo of this shooter. I saw images that were circulating all over the web, even the one image that they show – you see him pursing his lips, standing to the side.

And I said it's very obvious that this should be considered a symptom, right? It is not normal for an adult man to want to dress like or look like a female. That is telling you that there is something going on in this household, that this person is, perhaps, being targeted by unstable adults in their household or within the school system. If we were a rational society, we would look for clues leading up. We would acknowledge that having a bunch of grown men that suddenly want to dress like little girls in our society isn't normal. That would be a clue. 

But nope. The job of the media is to hide that truth, right? So, instead, they are showing us one photo of the shooter and they are using terms now and saying that, well, he wasn't trans, but -- as The Daily Mail put it -- he was alternative. He wore makeup, he wore black eyeliner, and he grew his hair out, and he got increasingly weird, but don't call him trans. There's no evidence that he's trans because we've erased all the evidence. Social media's taken down all of his pictures that he allegedly shared, that Daily Mail at some point saw, of him wearing makeup. We can't see it. You're not going to be able to just discern this for yourself, but we're going to instead tell you that he was alternative, whatever it is that that means. Right? Let's not talk about any of the symptoms leading up to all of the glaring, obvious signs that this person was, perhaps, mentally unstable because right now, we're living in a society where we have accepted the narrative that men can become women and women can be men. And what was once acknowledged formerly as a mental illness, gender dysphoria, just a few years ago, was acknowledged officially in the DSM-5 as a mental illness, is now today considered something perfectly normal. 

This claim that the Uvalde, Texas, school shooter was transgender is false and has been repeatedly debunked