The Daily Wire's Candace Owens praises the British colonization of Africa

Owens: “If you look at how forward it brought the African colonies, it ended up being a net positive”

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Citation From the September 14, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): But the real truth of the reason why people hate the Queen has nothing to do with colonization, it has nothing to do – which, by the way, just to be clear, the Brits invading Africa actually represents – and this is going to get me in trouble – but it was, if you look at how forward it brought the African colonies, it ended up being a net positive. Now, this is of course – this is going to get me in trouble because people somehow think Africans were living happily ever after and things were great and the horrible English, British descended upon and murdered everybody and the French suddenly murdered everybody and that just isn't the truth, obviously. African nations had slavery just like Europeans had slavery.

So, it's an evil that was not started, did not begin in Europe, actually. It can actually be traced back to Muslim origins. And, for whatever reason, people have this fantastical rendition of history where they think that it was only white people that ever did anything bad when, in fact, the truth is that even in terms of our own history, American history, it was the Africans who were selling the Africans to the Europeans. And usually for things as basic as gin and mirrors. I talk about this in my book. Like, it was really basic things. And when Europeans set out to end slavery -- by the way, it was white men that were the first in the world to abolish the slave trade. Right? People don't like that fact, it's a very inconvenient fact from the narrative that white people are evil and backwards. They were not the first to do it but they were the first to end it. That's the truth. I think it was France first, followed by the UK, followed by America that ended the slave trade. It was actually Africans that fought and said, no, we want to maintain this system of slavery because it is good for us.

So, this is something, as I said, that can be traced back to people just being extremely ignorant about history because everything has, literally, has been transformed into a black and white narrative, pun very much intended.