Daily Wire host Candace Owens makes ominous remarks about being given “certain information” regarding Steven Crowder

Owens: “Steven has a lot going on ... people don't do stuff like this if there's not a lot going on in their lives”

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Citation From the January 23, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Over the weekend, I was given a lot more information regarding Steven Crowder, a lot more background information regarding what could have possibly led to this moment.

And, not to my surprise at all, obviously, this really doesn't have anything to do with The Daily Wire. And his actions are a symptom of something much larger. And I want to choose my words very carefully here because I'm not angry anymore.

Steven has a lot going on, I guess is the best way to say – he has a lot going on. And that should be clear because people don't do stuff like this if there's not a lot going on in their lives. You don't sell out your friend, you don't record conversations. These things are actions of individuals that are, perhaps, acting out of desperation. You have to dig deeper, you have to look deeper to fully understand the picture of why somebody might do that. And it's certainly not because somebody is upset with a $50 million contract.

And because I now am more aware of certain information, rather than being angry I would like to implore my audience and everybody that has been paying attention to this situation not to condemn him but to pray for him. Sometimes people need a prayer. Sometimes people need a scripture. You know, Steven purports to be a Christian and I believe that he needs to lean into his faith. And I'm certain that in the near future, more information will come out.

I do not think it is my place to say more than that. Well, probably what I should say is I'm unsure at this moment if it is my place to say more than that. You know, maybe if I feel in further defense something should be said, or maybe if I feel that the public has a right to understand certain circumstances. But at this moment, I think I would just like to carefully back out.

I am genuinely praying for Steven Crowder. I am praying that he is reminded that there is always help in the form of the Lord. And, again, I implore my audiences to just hope that he finds the truth and that he comes to the truth. And, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, that is all that I'm going to say about that.