Candace Owens uses a homophobic slur on YouTube

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Citation From the February 7, 2023, edition of Candace Owens, posted to YouTube

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Yes. Bring shame back. Bring back saying, you are disgusting, you are wrong, you are a ho, you are a pervert. Call things for what they are. And that is another way that they have psychologically tried to transform speech in America by saying, like, oh, okay. You have free speech. But if you say that word, like, if you say, like, oh, that's wack or that's gay, then that would make you a homophobe. You don't wanna be a homophobe, do you? It's no. No. No. No. We shouldn't do that. And it's even been the disappearance of words that actually had real meanings. Like, growing up, majoring in English, reading old English novels, and understanding that a word like f--- is a real word. It means a bundle of sticks, and it was written throughout all of our novels. And then some weird pervert took that word and applied it to gay men. And they said, nobody can say this word anymore. That's not right. That shouldn't happen. That's the disappearance of language. This word had a real meaning, and we should not allow perverts to win. You're perverting a language. We should be allowed to use words in their truer context. That's my viewpoint at least.