Candace Owens says Jamie Lee Curtis “does not have a son or daughter that is trans no more than somebody has a dog that is a vegan”

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Citation From the March 15, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Moving on, though, let's stick with Jamie Lee Curtis because here is a moment. She was on stage -- by the way, Jamie Lee Curtis, very annoying in her real life. I liked her in that movie with Lindsay Lohan, Freaky Friday. Do not like her as an individual in her real life, can't really speak about her acting. I've always, actually, thought she was a pretty good actress. Well, she has said that she has a daughter or a son that's trans, and so she kind of beats the drum about trans issues all the time because of this. Obviously, she does not have a son or daughter that is trans no more than somebody has a dog that is a vegan. But whatever, I guess she wants you to believe that this is really not just an example of poor parenting.

And so, she does a lot of work in the trans community, and she sat down with a trans person named Alec. And Alec wants to know -- actually Alec does know why you hate trans people. So you at home, you hate them, which is not true. It's funny because I don't hate trans people. I pity them. I really do. But Alec has the answer for why he believes that we hate trans people.


Just, I would say, a poor choice of words, if nothing else. You didn't have to clip your wings. Okay, well, you don't have to clip your penis. You don't have to clip your breasts. Okay? And if you want us to actually believe that you're doing this because you love yourself, you love yourself so much that you are willing to go through procedures to clip parts of your body off, right? To mutilate your own body because you love yourself, you are asking us to be fools. Absolute fools. Who would believe this?


You are not taking hormone blockers and fundamentally altering everything that's happening inside of you -- things that cannot be reversed. Forget what they're telling you. Okay? Do not do that because you love yourself. You're actually doing this because you hate literal parts of yourself. You hate. You can't get over it. And you're willing to essentially go along with these medical experiments that are taking place. If you're wondering why we quote unquote, hate you, we don't. We pity you because we see how that journey ends.