Candace Owens rails at “D.C. Jew[s],” tells Jewish people there is a “rot” in their community

Owens: “This sort of D.C. Jew ... was using these words not because they believed that what they were hearing was actually antisemitism or Jew-hating, but to basically silence people”

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Citation From the February 14, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): The point that I wanna make is throughout my entire life, so many Jewish people, I had never heard any of those individuals that I just mentioned refer to someone as an antisemite or refer to someone as a Jew-hater. Actually, looking back, all of them had pretty good lives. So why would they do that? Why would they want to victimize themselves or refer to people that were treating them well as something that they're not? I had never seen that before in my entire life, right, until I got into politics. And I gotta be honest, I didn't understand it at first. I was trying to reconcile the Jewish people that I grew up with and who I love and who are my friends and who are my ex-boyfriend, I guess you would say, with this sort of DC Jew who was using these words not because they believed that what they were hearing was actually antisemitism or Jew-hating, but to basically silence people. They were threatening people. What I started to recognize and what I now understand is that just like Black people are not a monolith, Jewish people are not a monolith. There are all different types of Jewish people.

And this particular people that I've been talking about, that I'm talking about right now, represent a fringe minority of Jewish people that want nothing more than political power. It is just like Black Lives Matter. These people are ultimately Marxists. OK? And when Black Lives Matter was going around calling everybody racist, it was this implicit threat to white people -- do what we say, do what we want, or we will ruin your life. That was the intention. We will ruin your effing life by smearing and libeling you and making other Black people, who actually aren't radicals believe that you are in fact racist. That is the two pronged approach because why else would you do this? Why else would you refer to someone who is so clearly and evidentially not a Jew-hater as one? Because you want power. You want to also make Jewish people paranoid. Right? You start using words like the Holocaust is gonna be back. And of course, if you're a Jewish person, you hear that, you wanna go, oh my gosh. Like, what is it? What should we be fighting? I want -- I think -- we gotta fight that thing because I don't want another Holocaust. It's the same thing with BLM. Right? They go to Black people and they freak them out. And they say, oh my gosh, you gotta join our movement or slavery is gonna be back. We're gonna be back in chains. Of course, that's not reality. That's not real. That is emotional manipulation, and the worst kind. It's evil, is what it is. These individuals are evil Marxists. They do underhanded things, underhanded tactics to freak people out and to ultimately cause division. Right? Their goal is that they are willing to hurt regular, hardworking Jewish Americans so that they can gain political power. That's what they're doing.

Again, these people are Marxists, and I reserve such disdain for these individuals. I don't hate Jewish people. I hate bad people, and these people are bad. And Jewish people, I wanna invite you to call these people out in the same way that when my community had rot in it, I was willing to call them out. Right? I said BLM is a Marxist organization. Ultimately, they are going to hurt the Black community and inspire people to actually feel racism because you're constantly threatening them. You're not allowing them to speak. You're not allowing them to say what they think without trying to ruin their lives. Yeah. This is going to be the end result if Jewish people don't start standing up to these people that are behaving like monsters in your community. They shouldn't do it. We all should have the right to weed out bad people in our community. Because on the left and on the right, there are bad people. And ultimately what their goal is is submission. Basically, what these people are saying is you will submit to our political philosophy or I will ruin your life, Candace.