Candace Owens rails against Black communities, suggests no one should want to live there

Owens: “As a whole the Black community is incredibly racist”

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Citation From the March 2, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): These couple of comments are from the episode where I asked you whether or not you would want to live with – if you had all the money in the world, if you would intentionally insert yourself into an all-Black neighborhood. And the comments came in and the truth is, no, you wouldn't.

And the question is why? Especially if you're a white person and they're openly hostile towards white people, they're also openly hostile towards Black people. So please don't think that it's just white people. It's just Black people have been given permission to be unbelievably racist in society. It needs to stop unless people want unforced Jim Crow.


The answer is yes, they are. Yes, we are. Not me, but yes, as a community, as a whole the Black community is incredibly racist, and it's allowed in the media all the time. If you listen to radio shows, they can make jokes about white people. The jokes, if they were flipped, would never fly. You could never have white people making kind of jokes that you hear them making about white people in Black circles. And, like I said, there's been this cultural accepting, condoning of this sort of behavior. And it's also educational, not just cultural, but also educational, where you are learning in school that you have a right to do this. And it's creating open hostility. And of course, it is not helping Black people at all either at the end of the day


And it is true that where there is poverty, crime usually tends to follow. And that's because the people that are impoverished are desperate. But what I would disagree with you on is that the nature of Black Americans -- of course, we are amongst the most impoverished. But the nature of Black Americans in impoverished situations -- notice I'm saying Black Americans. I'm not going to include Africa in this -- is that we commit crimes more openly because we are being told by the system that there is no consequences for our crimes and we are being told that we have an excuse. I mean, when you hand people an excuse, then of course there's no reason for them to adjust their behavior.

So what I'll do instead is ask you this question - if you could move to the middle of nowhere Tennessee where people were completely impoverished but they were all white, or you had to move onto the south side of Chicago where people are impoverished but they're all Black, where would you feel safer? My answer is easy. Put me in the middle of nowhere Tennessee because I have been to those places, and even though the people are poor, their value systems are intact. You know what I mean? They are poor, but they are happy. And I can say the same for other poor countries that I've been to, Costa Rica among them.

Like, the crime that you see happening in inner cities amongst Black Americans right now is definitely being fostered, also, by the culture where Black America celebrates gun violence, they celebrate being a gangster, that our music celebrates that sort of a thing. And so, it's become aspirational. And the same can't be said for poor white Americans, in my opinion.