Candace Owens on pedophilia in the Church: “The issue is that we have homosexual men that have invaded institutions”

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Citation From the July 17, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): It absolutely has happened within the Protestant churches. The first comment I'm going to make. The problem is that there's so many Protestant churches that no one ever registers pedophilia as a problem because they're like, oh, it just happened in this section of Protestantism or this section, whereas the Catholic Church is so big and domineering. And, obviously, it's, you know, the Catholic Church, the first church that people are -- talk about it, and it's been associated with it. Not a justification whatsoever, but the more important part of what you're saying is that gay pedophilia happened in the Catholic Church. So, is the problem the Catholic Church, or is it the problem gay men that are in the Catholic Church that shouldn't be in the church because if you're a gay man, you shouldn't be a priest at all. Right? And it is gay men that are abusing children. So whether you're a gay man abusing children at a school or a gay man abusing children at a Catholic Church, the issue is that we have homosexual men that have invaded institutions. It's not because of, you know, the education system. If there was a pedophilia scandal at schools, and there have been them, you don't then say, oh, education is wrong -- like when we had the Penn State issue. I can't think of the guy's name. Sandusky, I think it was. No one said, oh, the fault is the institution of education that allowed this to happen. No. You wouldn't say that. The problem is that a gay man got into a position of power and abused men. But people don't think that same way when it's the Catholic church.