Candace Owens defends waving the Confederate flag: “It represents an element of history”

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Citation From the December 21, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens Podcast

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): I do not see a problem with people whose family members died fighting for that flag to be able to wave it high. It is historical and the idea that your son or daughter went and marched in a war – that people are just so stupid they think they were fighting for slavery, those people who fought were piss poor and never had a slave a single day in their life. They fought for the south and their sons signed up, went to war, and now they're told that even having the flag or having any pride for their dead relatives is something that is wrong and dirty and backwards and racist and associated with slavery. People are so ignorant about slavery and the numbers on slavery. I mean, the idea that everyone had slaves in the south is so stupid. It was the incredibly uberwealthy. It'd be like people believing that everyone today had a yacht. I mean, it's just so – I'm just going to stop ranting about it. The answer is people should be allowed to keep their confederate flags and wave them because it represents an element of history.