Candace Owens calls surrogacy a denial of women's rights and “an industry for the LGBTQ community”

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Citation From the January 10, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens 

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): In other news, and this is definitely causing some waves, especially amongst the LGBTQ community, Pope Francis is calling surrogate motherhood deplorable. He is asking for there to be a global ban on the practice.


Now, I know that this is quite a touchy subject. I know when I read the comments, I had been talking about this a lot last year. I was a person that I would say years ago supported surrogacy because I couldn't see anything that would be wrong with it because in my mind, and I'm sure in the mind of many people are listening to this, you picture this being an industry that was built for the mother who tried to have children for 10 years and, you know, put up her home, sold her home, trying to do IVF treatments and then eventually she turns to the practice of surrogacy. Maybe she looked at her sister and said, will you carry my child? And was able to receive this gift of surrogacy. But as I have been showing you, is that this is becoming something else. And irrespective of how you may have felt about that practice, you need to open your eyes to what is happening now.

I actually know an individual who shut down her entire surrogacy clinic in California because what she recognized was this was becoming something luxurious. This was a bunch of gay married men that were coming in and deciding that they could afford to use a woman to carry their child. They're not emotionally attached to the process. It is a form of  -- of trafficking. These women who sign up to become surrogates are desperate for money. It is the poorest people that are putting forth their bodies hoping that they can get some cash from these people. And, as I said, they're not attached to the process whatsoever because they do not have that maternal instinct. The high rates of miscarriage that happens -- these gay couples are not attached to that process, they don't care. They -- whatever, find us another woman that will carry this child. I have seen that up close and in recognizing how that was taking place to realize that this industry could go awry and it has.

In addition to that, not just talking about gay married men that are abusing this, we are also seeing people that already have kids. We talked about Chrissy Teigen. I've already got two kids, but I want -- I already got three kids, but I want one more. Women that just didn't want to selfishly give their bodies and wanna have a child at 54 years-old. I can afford it and I wanted my career, and now I want to find some woman that will simply give me a child. Pay attention to the surrogates that are talking about what they -- about how they lived through this process and what it did to their bodies. We can't ignore this. It's a category, as I said, it's a topic that makes people uncomfortable. But I believe that this is an area of science that we hoped would be used for good and now it is being used for evil.

And I very much support Pope Francis talking about this, calling for a global ban, calling for people to wake up and recognize what has happened and what is happening in this industry that is now just being unrestricted. It has become almost an industry for the LGBTQ community. And in the process, it is a denial, in my view, of women rights. I mean, to even set up a child to not have a mother, you know, knowing that you're going into this saying we're just gonna be two dads -- children need their mothers. They need their mothers. Infants especially need their mothers. Our entire call biologically, you recognize, is because the infant needs to be supported by its mother. Right? Our ability to breastfeed, all of these things, is because God created us to be able, as the people that are able to raise an infant up from the time that they are young. And I am not liking what I'm seeing in the industry. I will continue to speak about that on this podcast, even though I know that some people are not yet there in recognizing what this industry has become.