Candace Owens calls Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson a “pedophile sympathizer,” joining a long list of people falsely accused by the Daily Wire host

As people across the political spectrum have noted, this slanderous attack on Judge Jackson is false.

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Citation From the April 5, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace

VIVEK RAMASWAMY (GUEST): I wasn't even aware of some of the facts that you just shared relating to the porn market in the United States. I'm ashamed as an American to say that, actually, we would be part of a market and a culture that creates that dynamic. Let's address that. It just feels a little bit shoehorned to me to address that issue, which needs to be addressed through adjudicated – adjudicating it through the debate of whether Kentaji Brown Jackson is qualified for the court through the sentencing guidelines that she applied in one-off specific cases.


LAUREN CHEN (GUEST): We are living in a culture where more and more of our children are being sexualized. Can you see, perhaps, age of consent, federally, being brought to the Supreme Court? And then we have a judge, now, who has expressed multiple times that she has sympathies for these people who have child porn images, who have engaged in pedophilia. Could you not see why from a broader judicial and legal standpoint that would make conservatives worried, beyond just a culture war?


CHEN: There are legal consequences to someone having these sympathies on the Supreme Court. Especially like we're seeing the Florida Don't Say Gay bill. Perhaps there is a world where that is brought to the Supreme Court - people are arguing whether it's an infringement of free speech, etc, etc. Well, now you have someone who is pro-sexualizing children, or at least not as anti as I would want, on the Supreme Court.


CANDACE OWENS (HOST): The slippery slope is real. It's very quick. You know, we went from gay marriage to suddenly debating about whether there should be 87,000 genders or whether kids should be on puberty blockers very quickly, right? So, it's very alarming to me when this woman -- who I think it's very fair to examine her record.


OWENS: She openly said, like, you know – he was reading her direct words and said, like, when there was an eighteen-year-old who raped an eight-year-old, she didn't feel like that age was big enough – that that age gap was big enough.

VIVEK RAMASWAMY (GUEST): I would disagree with her, vehemently.

OWENS: So, she's definitely a pedophile sympathizer.