Candace Owens calls Steven Crowder a “socialist”

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Citation From the January 24, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's Candace Owens

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Yesterday he went onto Tim Pool. He heavily advertised this appearance and said, I'm going to be on tonight. I'm going to answer all the questions. What actually happened was he answered none of the questions. He dodged a lot of the questions. And Tim Pool, who I like very much, did not push back on this. And that was very much the consensus in the comments and the consensus on Twitter was, why didn't you ask him about his own employee contracts? He soured a lot of relationships with his former employees. Sven the Computer, Not Gay Jared - no questions were asked about that throughout this entire interview about whether or not he was holding them and they were not allowed to speak out on why those relationships would -- that he's had with his own employees have soured or why none of his employees are speaking up on his behalf.

It's kind of an interesting contrast that you have people at The Daily Wire that are upset, understandably, of how we have been portrayed by somebody who alleges he was a great friend of Jeremy Boreing and Ben Shapiro. But you don't see this on the side of Steven Crowder. And he has soured a lot of relationships, not just The Daily Wire, all across the board. Speak to any conservative company, big or small, they don't like to work with him. And he has been very nasty to people behind the scenes. I'm just telling you what I know. You can fact check me in your own capacity.


The truth, and I think that the internet was able to see this, which is why it is not worth us saying anything more, in my opinion -- I don't know what The Daily Wire's going to say about it further -- but the reason why this really matters is I think that people are really seeing just how nasty what you did was. And I think that I would hope that you would come to terms with the fact that you owe everybody an apology. That this was never necessary and that you can start whatever company you want.

You don't get to step in like a socialist -- and it is socialist-like. These are the demands that you hear when people are trying to establish a union. When the Amazon workers have walked out because they have decided that they are worth more, that they should have three hour lunch breaks. They've gotten their contract from Amazon and they realize that their lunch breaks for only one hour and that they're required to show up to work and they think that they should be able to work from home for three days a week, post-COVID. And they walk out and they want to stage a union. And this is the Big Con. It's Amazon. No, this is the free markets. And so to Tim Pool, what I would say -- and I like Tim Pool and I think that he is always very kind to all of his guests that he has on his show. But when he says that he doesn't think $50 million is enough, I would like to say that the free markets will answer that question. Right? It doesn't look like anybody's come to him with an offer that's bigger.