Fox News guest likens FBI search in Mar-a-Lago to a “preemptive coup,” Caesar crossing the Rubicon, and the Stasi in East Germany

Buck Sexton: “They're sending a message now to President Trump and his supporters that they'll come for you if you stand against the machine”

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Citation From the August 8, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): It's not just going into the home of a former president. Buck Sexton here joins me now. Former CIA officer, you're going into the home of a presidential candidate. He hasn't announced yet, but everybody assumes he's running for president. And this is after they went after his campaign with wiretaps and other federal investigative raids. This is insane.

BUCK SEXTON (THE FIRST HOST): Jesse, it almost feels like a preemptive coup. We've heard so much about the insurrection and the coup, but this is preventing this is meant to prevent Donald Trump from being able to run again. I think everyone's very aware of the fact that Democrats have been preparing and they've been talking about this for quite some time. And the notion that somehow suddenly there's this great need to go around, all the cooperation, all the agreements, all the documents, everything that has been given up to this point for a raid on the former president's residence. I mean, I don't get upset or rattled easily about politics in this country. I know you don't either. This is the Rubicon being crossed. This is something we've never seen before. This is something that is outrageous. And the usage of the FBI in this way is really the nail in the coffin for so many Americans as to whether you can trust the FBI or trust the DOJ. Clearly not on political matters.

WATTERS: This is also about respect. You have a former president of the United States. He's due respect. He has a slew of attorneys that can negotiate the release of documents that are needed. You don't have to go into his home with crowbars and go into his safe. If this is something that's going to be that sort of deal, then he's got thousands of lawyers on standby. The Justice Department can just call the lawyers. We need this. I'm sure he'll hand it over. But you don't kick in the door. You do not kick in the door like that.

SEXTON: I think we have to also take this as now a – there's a likelihood that they're going to try to bring a federal indictment against former President Trump. Yeah, I think now, because if they don't, what they've shown us is thug police state tactics going right into the election season before the Democrats are about to get annihilated after all the bad decision-making. So they have to see this through, Jesse. And I think that means they might actually bring the charges.

WATTERS: And so. Right. So you're freezing the Republican primary electorate. You're saying this guy who's running most likely could be under federal indictment. He may not be able to be the president because he could be indicted on felony charges. So you're basically telling them don't vote for the guy in the primary because, you know, we got him in the crosshairs. It's also a blackmail scandal because they're going to seize all of this information, private information. You're thinking taxes, you're thinking written documents. You're thinking all kinds of stuff he has. And you just hold it out there and you don't even need to indict him. You just have the FBI have this information and hang it over his head. And that's what they did with the dossier as well. They said, oh, we know some things that may have happened in a hotel room. Comey said, oh, let me just tell you about them. Let me tell you. We might have some information about something you did in Moscow. You know, we're looking into it. This is how they roll Buck.

SEXTON: It's amazing to see as well, Jesse, that after all of the hearings in Congress, all of the January 6 prime time and all this other nonsense, they don't apparently trust the American people to make up their minds on this issue and settle it through the peaceful means of the political process. This is trying to subvert that. The people who lecture us all the time, Democrats, about democracy don't actually believe in it's exercised. They just use it as a talking point. They use it now actually as something to bludgeon people who disagree with them politically, you're undermining our institutions. This is undermining our faith in the not only the peaceful transfer of power, but in the executive arm of the government under an opposition party. Not to act like the Stasi, not to act like the secret police that we've seen in totalitarian regimes.

This is crazy. I mean, everyone has to understand, they ordered a raid on former President Trump's home. Based on what – in what world would they not have been able to go to court and get the documents that they want? And what world? I mean, what's next? But look, they did this remember what they did to Roger Stone, they pulled them out. Dozens of armed officers, long guns, flak vests. Roger Stone comes on his pajamas. He's like, What do you guys want? Can I get you a cup of tea? It was crazy what they did to him, but they were sending a message. They're sending a message now to President Trump and his supporters that they'll come for you if you stand against the machine. This is a chilling moment in the country's history.