1776 Project PAC founder: Racial equity in schools “is a dumbing down of our standards"

Ryan Girdusky: Black and Hispanic students are “pushed through simply because you have to keep quotas very high”

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Citation From the July 29, 2022, edition of The First's Hold the Line with Buck Sexton

RYAN GIRDUSKY (1776 PROJECT PAC FOUNDER): They're trying to make all kids who are suspended from schools — Black, Hispanic, white — exactly the same. Nothing in life is exactly the same. And with a lot of kids going, you know, who are Black and Hispanic, being — who should have been suspended, they’re creating alternatives for suspension. So that way, Black and Hispanic kids who should be suspended, should be maybe even notified for the police if they have criminal behavior, are looking at alternatives to suspension. White children, they are, who should be suspended, are being suspended because the white number needs to be high enough to match Black and Hispanic numbers. 

We’re seeing it right now in San Francisco, which — we saw the removal of three school board members in America’s most liberal city — 65% of Black students in San Francisco are chronically absent, 27% are proficient in reading, 40% are proficient in math. And yet graduation rates are at 87% for Black students in San Francisco public schools. That is not because they are able to read, write, do math, or they are, you know, an investment in an educated workforce into the future. This is a really, a complete loss of their ability to sit there and be, you know, extremely functioning adults in the best possible way and fully capable of getting a great job. Hispanic numbers are, not as high but very, very high at the same exact amount, and yet 50% still go to college. This is a dumbing down of our standards, it’s a dumbing down of our workforce, and it’s future that’s very, very hard for a lot of people to grasp where it’s easy to be victims because they are being victims from the early age of going to a grammar school or a public elementary school and being pushed through simply because you have to keep quotas very high.