Fox News’ Brit Hume: It is a “conspiracy theory” that billionaires have exorbitant power in American politics

Hume: “I think that's, you know, questionable whether that's really true”

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Citation From the February 10, 2020, edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom

ED HENRY (ANCHOR): You said yesterday on our election special that you think the Bernie Sanders campaign is eventually — sort of running on a conspiracy theory.


HENRY: Yeah, the idea that there's a conspiracy theory behind it, and you're not sure it's good politics.

HUME: Well, what I was talking about, Ed, there was — time and again he's talking about how the, you know, nation's “billionaire class” as he calls them, is basically running the country, that they have this exorbitant amount of power, and so on. And I don't think it's — I think that's, you know, questionable whether that's really true. And I think — but considering, you know, the part of the party's electorate to which he's appealing, I suppose it's not bad politics. But I think in the long run, people won't accept that.