Trump supporters are outraged at Fox host Brian Kilmeade for supposed Trump snub

Kilmeade was called a “passive aggressive,” “disconnected” “loser” “asshole” -- for not knowing Trump screened the Sound of Freedom movie

Fox host Brian Kilmeade is facing backlash from Trump supporters for not being aware that former President Donald Trump had a screening of Sound of Freedom at his Bedminster, New Jersey, club the night before the host interviewed the movie’s producer and lead actor. 

Watching Fox host Brian Kilmeade’s softball interview with Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verastegui and actor Jim Caviezel, one might have thought that the most interesting thing to happen was when Caviezel dubbed Trump “the new Moses.” But that’s not what has right-wing personalities and Trump supporters up in arms. 

Trump supporters accused Kilmeade of “play[ing] dumb” and being “incredibly unprofessional” for not knowing about Trump’s screening. (It is this author's opinion that Kilmeade was not playing dumb, but is in fact just unintelligent.) 

Pro-Trump troll Laura Loomer railed at Kilmeade, calling him “passive aggressive,” “antagonistic,” and “incredibly unprofessional.” 

The replies to Loomer’s tweet feature people vehemently discussing their disdain for the Fox News host.

Some even went so far as to wildly and baselessly suggest that Kilmeade’s behavior during the interview could mean he has “a side gig trafficking kids.” 

Trump supporters suggested Kilmeade’s faux pas occurred because Fox is pro-DeSantis or anti-Trump.   


Kilmeade was also accused of being a “loser,” “disconnected,” and “a douchebag.”