Fox's Kilmeade says NFL players are “creating chaos” by taking a knee during the national anthem

Kilmeade: “That's chaos, believe me,” “the ripple effect is 9-year-old Pop Warner kids in Texas lying down during the national anthem”

From the August 22 edition of Fox News' The Fox News Specialists:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (GUEST HOST): There's many ways to protest. You have a national anthem, we all should agree we are Americans. You are at work. You don't stand up in the middle of our workplace and start creating chaos, because we get fired.

EBONI K. WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): But they're not creating chaos.

KILMEADE: Nope, that's chaos, believe me.

WILLIAMS: Taking a knee, and praying?

KILMEADE: Here's why, because you have 12 players saying when the national anthem is playing, you're supposed to salute your country, it's okay to take a knee and ignore it.

WILLIAMS: Now, who said that? I'm just curious.

KILMEADE: And number two, here's the ramification --

WILLIAMS: They ignored it? They were praying, though, Brian.

KILMEADE: No, they're ignoring it.

WILLIAMS: No, they're praying.

KILMEADE: You stand with your hand over your heart for the national anthem.


KILMEADE: Here's the ripple effect: The ripple effect is 9-year-old Pop Warner kids in Texas laying down during the national anthem, because Colin Kaepernick thought his girlfriend thought it would be a good idea for him to stop doing this.

WILLIAMS: But we're not talking about Colin Kaepernick. We're not talking about Colin Kaepernick right here, but --

KILMEADE: That's how it all started. It all started with him.


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