Fox's Kilmeade Does His Research, Discovers Clinton Is Right About Feminism: “It Is Just Somebody [Who] Wants Equal Rights”

Kelly: “She Doesn't Understand ... Feminist Has Been Co-Opted By People Like Gloria Steinem”

From the September 24 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: This is her [Between Two Ferns] moment. Barack Obama did his Galifianakis interview. This is the female version of that where she sits down with Lena Dunham, who doesn't really have a show, but is funny at 29.

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): She's an actress.

KILMEADE: She's an actress. And she asks tough questions like “are you a feminist?” And feminists are people that want equality, so I guess technically that's it. She also does a very colorful joke about Lenny Kravitz's crotch breaking open, which, she plays a role in that.

KELLY: OK. Here's the interesting thing about Hillary Clinton's answer, because she goes on and she says, “I don't understand these people who say I believe in equal rights but I'm not a feminist. A feminist by definition is someone who believes in equal rights.” The problem she doesn't understand is that that word feminist has been co-opted by people like Gloria Steinem, and what many people think when they think of feminist, is Gloria Steinem holding up that sign. Or with a shirt, she had the shirt on, that's what it was. Remember this? Look, arms up. Look. Remember this? Celebrating her abortion. A lot of people don't want to associate with that.

KILMEADE: Right. But I did look it up because you have me doing this thing called research, we're like getting into it.

KELLY: Yeah, I love that.

KILMEADE: And it turns out that definition is right. Hillary was right. It is just somebody wants equal rights, not more rights.

KELLY: That's her definition of feminist. That's not the definition for many people.


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