​Fox's Brian Kilmeade rants against California offering Medicaid coverage to young undocumented immigrants​

Kilmeade complains: "​Now​ they get​ free dental​,​ health​ ​care. They get checkups. Maybe they​'re going to​ get free physicals."

From the June 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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​AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): ​If you are one of these migrants​, they're getting word,​ go to California because ​you'll get free healthcare benefits. ​They're going to vote -- ​the legislature​'​s going to vote this week. They are pushing free health​ ​care for these illegal aliens, or illegal immigrants, ages 19 to 25​,​ ​l​ow​-​income adults. ​They're gonna -- it's going to cost $98 million to cover about 90,000 illegal immigrants. 

​BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Is that where you want your taxpayer dollars going​,​ to people ​that snuck in here illegally, ​are ​milking the system​,​ and now they get additional​, additional --​

​EARHARDT: Help​ and aid​? 

​KILMEADE: Yeah. ​I guess they ​get additional benefits from basically sneaking into California. ​And what -- ​you know, how do you feel right now if you are doing it the right way​?​ You​'​re driving a cab​, you're​ ​w​earing​ a green card​ -- ​you ​hav​e​ a green card, ​you​work in a factory​,​ hav​e​ a green card. ​You're hoping to ​play it right​, you're​ ​p​aying all the fees​,​ ​you're studying for the test​. And​ ​a​ll of a sudden​ these​ people​ that​ sneak in​ now​ get jobs, ​they ​can't be detained​,​ ​ICE ​is pushed back​,​ and ​​now​ they get​ free dental​,​ health​ ​care. They get checkups. Maybe they​'re going to​ get free physicals. ​They can ​play on ​their ​local sports teams. ​If you show up at​ a​ school​, you get​ free education. What a great country. 

​STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): ​Well, you know, ​California is a sanctuary state. ​And ​so they know, you know, if you​'​re living in a sanctuary state you know that when migrants do go to our emergency rooms, they wind up getting the health​ ​care anyway. State of California just figuring out ​OK, ​e​e're going to go ahead and we're going to pull ​the trigger and​ we're going to​ pay for this out of our state legislature to the tune ​of almost $100 million. 


​EARHARDT: It's ​interesting ​that ​so many people are leaving that state and​ they're​ moving where it's a lot cheaper because they are not in support of that. 

​DOOCY: Arizona, Texas. 

​EARHARDT: ​And the ​homeless numbers​, the homeless numbers​ are staggering. 

​KILMEADE: So the money that you need​,​ and a lot of these​ have -- they​ need mental health​ ​care. ​There ​might not be money for a facility, ​there ​may not be money for rehab, there​ ​might not be money for doctors and all the programs needed to get people back on their feet​.​ ​T​hey were born in many cases with schizophrenia ​or ​other things​, it's not on the​m. But it's on maybe society to help out a little bit. So that money, instead of going to them, legal Americans in many cases​,​ they​'​re going to illegal immigrants who sponge off the system and send the​ir​ money back to their original country in many situations. ​So just ​understand​,​ it's not between us and them. It's between California residents in need​,​ and ones who don't belong here and ​need.​

​DOOCY: ​Well, ​it's what the state legislature decided and the governor signed it. ​So ​that's going to be the law of the land out west. 


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