Fox's Brian Kilmeade praises Hungary's far-right leader Viktor Orban for extreme actions he's taken to stop refugees

Kilmeade: “Maybe Hungary was the smartest. When they saw the illegals coming, they put up a wall.”

From the May 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ROBIN SIMCOX (HERITAGE FOUNDATION): The protesters want to stay in the country but I think it's a very fundamental question for not just France but all of Europe, really. And you can even extrapolate it to the United States as well. Does a country have a right to decide who does and who doesn't live in its own borders? And can France or Europe be home for everyone who simply turns up and declares it to be their home? I think there has to be a sense of control around this. But that's exactly what the protesters and the groups who are supporting them don't want. They essentially want an amnesty for anyone who manages to get into the country. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So they have a wave to get into the country and they're thanked by people protesting what the country's about. And as we see 100,000 a month stream into our country, can you blame some of our viewers now from seeing some potential problems while they look at the Charles de Gaulle airport on Sunday? 

SIMSCOX: Well yeah. I mean, even -- and this problem's going back this further. I mean, look at what happened in Germany in 2015 where a million people were essentially let into the country almost overnight and the government didn't have any clue who they were. We have obviously seen a variety of security problems following on from that. So, look, people can be -- there's no problem with controlled immigration into a country. I didn't think anyone has a problem with that. But this idea that there can be mass amnesty for people who have come to the country illegally, that the country doesn't have any real idea who lives in its own borders, and the idea that you will have a stable, secure country at the end of that, I think is deluded to be honest. 

KILMEADE: Right. Having an open arms and an open heart certainly makes them pay the price eventually if you're not smart. Maybe Hungary was the smartest. When they saw the illegals coming, they put up a wall. And they don't have these problems.


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