Fox's Brian Kilmeade: Mexico “would get back at us” for tariffs by allowing more migrants to pass through to US border

Steve Doocy complains families applying for asylum “wind up with due process in this country” and Ainsley Earhardt lies about their high court attendance rates

From the June 4 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Now, we told you the numbers were staggering. Get this: The DHS says they project 1 million illegal immigrants will be apprehended. Those are the ones that go up, take me, process me, that's not the ones we don't get that say let me in or I'm sneaking in, including, guess what? A 600% increase in family units, to the tune of 53,000 plus family units, have just come to this country and just ignored our immigration system.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well because they're taking advantage of the laws on the books. And they say, look, if you have a child in your unit, you can go ahead and you will wind up with due process in this country. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): If you read the report it talks about overcrowded holding areas. Most adults, provided that they have a child with them, they have stated that they fear returning to their country of origin. It goes on to say that they are overwhelmed. They bus these individuals into cities in the United States. They drop them off at nonprofit shelters that are also overwhelmed. And says the odds of being caught -- because they're not showing up for court. The odds of being caught and removed remain very low, according to this report. 

DOOCY: Well, Customs and Border Protection said this, they have got a quote: “Apprehensions by USBP currently at levels not seen in a decade, will approach 1 million in fiscal year '19 unless actions are immediately taken.” The president tweeted this out: “As a sign of good faith, Mexico should immediately stop the flow of people and drugs through their country and to our southern border. They can do it if they want.” I read this morning there's some suggestion that some Mexican officials have said, look, it could be a lot worse. We have got something like a quarter of a million migrants who are traveling from Central America toward the United States and we've got them in this country right now. 

KILMEADE: So that's how they would get back at us for offering the tariffs on them. 

DOOCY: That's their leverage. 

KILMEADE: So the thing is they're coming Wednesday and hopefully both sides get things done. They look at their southern border and see how they can bolster it up. If we can help them in any way that will be the most positive thing. Because the economy -- the market does not like this tariff threat on Mexico.

EARHARDT: Well, it's going to happen on June 10, which is next Monday. 


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