Fox's Brian Kilmeade Calls Student Loans “A Gradual Giveaway,” Suggests Students Go To Cheaper Schools

Brian Kilmeade: “You Have To Go To A College That You Can Afford ... That's The Logical Situation”

From the November 12 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: All right. We've got a few things going on. We have very similar back grounds. I found this out. That roughly 70 percent of students borrow to pay for college. Their average debt is about $29,000.  But the good thing is, you pay it back on a monthly stipend. It's not like they ask for $29,000 right after you take off and give back the cap and gown. It's a gradual giveaway. I also remember a system in which, you have a coupon book and you pay it back. And if something happens where you lose that job two or three years later,  or you're actually behind the eight ball a little bit, you could actually delay those payments. There is nothing wrong with owing money coming out of college. And here's the other thing Megyn. You do not have to go to a $62,000 school or a $42,000 school. There are state school situations here in Sacramento. It's been incredible, very affordable. In New York it's very competitive. And guess what? If the NYU accepts you, it's $62,000. If Ithaca accepts you, it's $55,000. If Syracuse accepts you, it's about $60,000 or $58,000. Guess what? Maybe you can't go. You have to go to a college that you can afford and you work your way up. If you're a genius, you can use economic grants - academic grants, you go do it. That's the logical situation. Do I think some private universities could have their tuitions come down? Yeah. But stop going to them and they would come down. 


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