Fox's Brian Kilmeade agrees that Donald Trump will lose “worse” to Joe Biden than he did in 2020

Brian Kilmeade: Trump will lose "worse" to Joe Biden than he did in 2020

Brian Kilmeade
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Citation From the April 26, 2023, edition of Fox News Radio's The Brian Kilmeade Show

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): So, Marc Thiessen wrote in yesterday’s Washington Post, Donald Trump can’t beat Joe Biden. 

DOUGLAS MURRAY (GUEST): I think that’s true. I think that’s true. All the polls show that. Trump can galvanize part of the Republican base, that’s for sure. He cannot get undecideds. He cannot get anyone who is not a Republican loyalist. He can get a certain type of person out who wouldn’t normally vote, the type of people who turned out in 2016, and, to be fair, in 2020 as well. But, there is no scenario that I can see where even Trump versus Biden, Trump wins. And –

KILMEADE: Because when you break it down by the state, what’s changed in Wisconsin, what’s changed in Pennsylvania, what’s changed in Georgia –

MURRAY: Absolutely. 

KILMEADE: What’s changed in Arizona? 

MURRAY: And, as I say, I mean, it’s very clear. I mean, one of the things that former President Trump is still sore about is that he had, you know, he won a lot of votes in 2020, absolutely.

KILMEADE: Over 70 million.

MURRAY: He won a lot of votes. But you know, the problem with him is, he’s also the best get-out-the-vote candidate that the Democrats have. So, he will, I would – I would predict, if he was the candidate in the next election, he will lose very soundly to Joe Biden. 


MURRAY: And – worse.

KILMEADE: Even though Biden’s not going to campaign, he clearly can’t do an interview.

MURRAY: Exactly. And – 

KILMEADE: What does that say? 

MURRAY: Well, it’s exact – well, it’s a very interesting thing, because, and this is no reflection on either candidate, but, I would have thought, in that situation, speaking to people around him, that Trump would look at those polls and realize there is just no way through. One of the things – maybe the thing that Donald Trump hates most in all the world is being a loser. We know from his entire career, being a loser is just the worst thing. If he runs again against Biden, and he loses worse than last time, he’s a double loser, which from his own point of view, is just the worst thing to be. So, I do wonder, actually, if that is actually going to be the race, whether or not Trump doesn’t try to find some way out. I keep – I wouldn’t cancel that out as a possibility.