Fox host Brian Kilmeade urges Trump to be “quiet” for now instead of announcing another run for president

Kilmeade and Fox anchor Martha MacCallum agree that it might be better for Herschel Walker’s campaign in Georgia for Trump to be “quiet”

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Citation From the November 10, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Story

BRIAN KILMEADE (FOX NEWS HOST) Now with President Trump, I would think the first thing – indication I would look for to see if he was serious about being savvy and being – and recalibrating is if he puts off his announcement Monday.

If he puts up his announcement Monday, it's putting team first. If he takes his announcement Monday, that'll show that it's so Trump-centric, it's going to be playing to the DeSantis or broad scope – the big jungle primary.

MARTHA MACCALLUM (FOX ANCHOR): Yeah, a lot of people would like, you know, his supporters would like to see him get all behind Herschel Walker right now in the most helpful way possible.

KILMEADE: It might be by being quiet because in Georgia, he's not that popular.

MACCALLUM: It might be being quiet and also to sort of stop the bows and arrows that he's shooting at DeSantis.

KILMEADE: Right – which is insane because it's like shooting at somebody, because DeSantis is so much like Trump in so many ways, but different enough at 44 years old to offer different attributes and different skill set. So I think that a lot of people are having difficulty when you see them fight with each other that are on the right because they say –they're – I'd like them both to win.