Brian Kilmeade: The situation at the border is “almost like” 9/11

Kilmeade: “When the market fell apart in 2008 and after 9/11, this is almost like that at the border”

From the May 17 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): I loved what the president said to the Democrats yesterday. He said, “You know what? This is going to get passed because we are going to get the House after the election and then we will pass it then.”  

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Well, I know but here's what bothers me. This is a 2020 speech and it's great [inaudible]. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): It's politics. It's not going to happen. 

KILMEADE: But you know what I want and I think we all want? There is a five alarm fire out on our southern border right now and the men and women every day need some help. And this plan -- this plan is not going to help. And so --

DOOCY: That's what the president was talking about yesterday. That's why the president essentially rolled this out. Ultimately, and we heard a little of it yesterday in the rose garden, he's going to say, “Look, I want immigration reform. You want immigration reform. The Democrats don't, so the only way to do anything about that is to elect more Republicans.”  

KILMEADE: So Steve, did you see that he referenced Senator Lindsey Graham in the audience, right? And he said, “Lindsey, I love what you are doing.” To me, with Nancy Pelosi, even though the hypocrisy is real and the fact that she's pretending she didn't say it was a crisis -- we understand that. But there's an opportunity because there are times when Democrats and Republicans come together: when the market fell apart in 2008 and after 9/11, this is almost like that at the border. We have never seen these numbers before and the men and women who have to round up these illegals who want to become part of our country are saying please help us. They could actually get something done now, please go behind closed doors and do it.


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