Brian Kilmeade says children who “don't speak English” are taking resources from “your” children

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Citation From the March 1, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): And guess what? When you place them, you go into usually working-class communities which has schools are already strapped, and now all of a sudden you have kids that don't speak English in classes taking time and energy away from your kids who aren't getting more than likely the attention they need anyway. So one of the excerpts from what Jen Psaki said about this was is, look, our approach with the Biden administration is that we think the most humane step we can take is have these children unaccompanied, kids under 18, and not send them back to take a treacherous path forward. The humane thing is to leave them here. Is that humane? 

MARK MORGAN (GUEST): No, it's not. Look, Brian, we know independent studies have shown up to 33% of the youth that are being smuggled into this country are abused. The president said it right, the child smugglers and the human traffickers are rich and they're back in this business because of these policies. And here's another thing that the press secretary doesn't say, the hypocrisy in our laws. If you're an unaccompanied minor from Canada or Mexico, we send you back. It's only from the non-contiguous countries like the northern triangle countries, we keep those kids. But if you're from Mexico or Canada, we send you back. It makes no sense, and that's what we were addressing under the Trump administration.