Brian Kilmeade downplays polling after results show majority of Republicans don't want Trump as nominee

Kilmeade: “I'm just saying, ... if Donald Trump is watching, just let him know we didn't come up with that number”

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): According to CNN poll, 75% of Democrats want somebody else. In the same poll, 55% --

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): There's that glum shot again. 

DOOCY: 55% of Republicans or people leaning Republican want somebody other than Donald Trump to run. That's up 6% from their earlier poll. 

KILMEADE: And if the former president is watching, you should know those are just the numbers you are relaying. You didn't come up with those numbers, right? 

DOOCY: CNN came up with them. 


DOOCY: Ainsley said this was a fascinating poll. It is. That's why we just talked about it. 

KILMEADE: And they are right as often as Halley's comet comes by -- every seven years.

DOOCY: So you are saying all we talked about for the last four minutes is not accurate? 

AINSLEY EARHART (CO-HOST): No, that's a CNN poll. 

KILMEADE: I'm just saying if Donald Trump is watching, if Donald Trump is watching, just let him know we didn't come up with that number. That's what the poll said. 

DOOCY: Absolutely. I was talking to -- uh yeah. I was talking to a pollster about these numbers and they seem to be across the board regarding so few people on the Democratic Party wanting Joe to run.

EARHART: It's just too soon to tell. There are so many different polls and all say different things.

DOOCY: It's a long ways away.

EARHART: But the majority of the Democratic polls do say the majority of Democrats want a different candidate. 

KILMEADE: But didn't THEY just sample 360 people? I think we have more than--

EARHART: I don't know the number. Is that what it was?  

KILMEADE: Yeah, no, 362 registered voters.

EARHARDT: OK, so not a big group.

KILMEADE: So yeah, it's not exactly 340 million. But I'm sure some scientist would make sense of that.