Why do Breitbart and Gateway Pundit hate Christmas?

Somebody alert Bill O'Reilly, because if he's truly concerned about the so-called War on Christmas, he should start policing the right-wing blogosphere, where overexcited partisans like Andrew Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft have taken to openly mocking the Christian holiday in the name of waging partisan, homophobic attacks.

The smear stems from the duo's relentless, yet thoroughly ineffective, campaign directed at the Obama administration's openly gay “Safety School Czar,” Kevin Jennings. Rehashing a well-told story from nearly a decade ago, the duo--still without any actual proof--claim Jennings knew about sexual explicit topics that were discussed with school children as part of conference at Tufts University, sponsored by the group Jennings ran, Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.

One of the explicit topics reportedly covered a conference workshop was fisting (a revelation that Jennings later criticized), so naturally Breitbart and Hoft started referring to the smear campaign as “Fist-gate.” (Get it?!)

But the overly-excited anti-gay duo didn't stop there. Perhaps driven by simmering frustration over the fact nobody in the real news world cares about their pointless story, Breitbart and Hoft, for some bizarre reason, starting tying Fist-gate" in with Christmas, dubbing it “Fist-mas.”

I kid you not.

From Breitbart's Twitter:

And here's the Big Government headline from Jim Hoft:

Merry Fist-mas Media Matters… No, We're Not Finished Yet

Yep, Breitbart and Hoft decided to make the connection between the birth of Jesus Christ with an anal sex act. Isn't that kind of blasphemy just so clever and funny? It's it just priceless when conservatives demean one of Christianity's most spiritual days in order to try to score partisan, gay-baiting points?

I doubt I'm the only one offended by the need of unhinged, Obama-hating partisan to belittle even the Christmas holiday in order to try to tie in with their pointless Kevin Jennings crusade. And like I said, if Bill O'Reilly and the whole Christmas Police Dept. at Fox News were serious about calling out people who demean the miracle birth, they ought to demand that Breitbart and Hoft cut with the Fist-mas attacks on Christmas, and demand that they offer up public apologies.

That is, if the two `wingers even think the holiday is worth honoring.