We Have A Winner In The Breitbart Blogging Parody Contest

And the honor goes to....Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King. The Breitbart duo teamed up to write an absolutely sublime blog post that's so insanely dopey and illogical that it could have only been meant as a parody, right? Right?!

Here's the headline for the priceless piece:

Washington Post Owned Slate Called Sarah Palin a C*** in Headline

Now wait a minute, that is a big deal. Why would the Post-owned site do something so mean and nasty as that? I mean, that's just so far out of bounds, somebody at Slate must have completely lost their senses to launch an attack like that. Finally, you're thinking, a Breitbart blogger has cause for alarm and has every right to raise holy hell about the tasteless liberal media, right?

Oh, you're going to love this. Here's the damning proof that Slate called Palin a c*** in a headline:

Sarah Palin Uses Alternate Facebook Accunt to Praise Sarah Palin

Read it again. Slowly. See the typo? Slate's headline read “Accunt” instead of “Account.” In an article about a Facebook account, Slate's headline writer left out an “o” and misspelled the word as “Accunt.” The Breitbart duo then pounced, announcing that Slate had called Palin a “c***.” How did Breitbart's Sherlock Holmes determine the typo was intentional? Because they checked other Slate headlines and none of them had typos.

I am not making this up.

Go ahead and make the obvious points, like how the typo doesn't even refer to Palin, instead it refers to something associated with Facebook. (Facebook is a c***??) But that doesn't matter. Since the headline also mentioned Palin, Team Breitbart is sure the typo was meant for her. (Do typos actually have targets?)

I mean honestly, does right-wing “media criticism” get any more laughable than this? Does the far-right's obsessive desire to simultaneously play the victims while assigning motivations to journalists get any more comical than this sorry display? I believe the answer is no, which is why Taylor and King win the honors in the Breitbart Blogging Parody Contest.

And for the record, Slate fixed the typo and its “embarrassed” editor issued an apology. But don't be misled by the massive cover-up people. Breitbart's team owns the typo niche of media criticism.