Two Days After Breitbart Says He's Against Birthers, Big Journalism Asks: “What If The Birthers Are Right?”

Today at Breitbart's Big Journalism, SusanAnne Hiller asks a stupid question: “What if the Birthers are right?”

Hiller doesn't have any reason to believe the birthers are right, but she suspects this might be “the biggest story in the history of this country” and is confident that the answer will be revealed in bumbling Swift Boat bigot Jerome Corsi's forthcoming book, Where's the Birth Certificate? But for the moment, she's just raising the question.

And that's amusing because two days ago, Andrew Breitbart -- owner and proprietor of Big Journalism -- was bragging to Dylan Ratigan about how he opposes birtherism and last year he got into a big argument with a birther at a tea party convention. Dave Weigel, then with the Washington Independent, chronicled Breitbart's thoughts on birtherism at the time:

“It's self-indulgent, it's narcissistic, it's a losing issue,” Breitbart told Schilling. “It's a losing situation. If you don't have the frigging evidence -- raising the question? You can do that to Republicans all day long. You have to disprove that you're a racist! Forcing them to disprove something is a nightmare.”

Shortly after Breitbart made these comments, Big Journalism declared: "Get Over It: 'Birtherism' Is Not Journalism"

But now, two days after Breitbart boasts of his anti-birther pedigree, his website is “raising the question” of whether the birthers are right. It's almost like they want to have it both ways.