Steve Bannon blames GOP operative who allegedly leaked sexual misconduct accusations against Moore for loss in Alabama

From the December 13 edition of Sirius XM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily

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CALLER: I have got an issue with all these gold diggers that are coming out of the closet and coming with all of these allegations against Judge Roy Moore. If I was Judge Moore and this thing was proved to be false that everybody is bringing against this man, there would certainly be a pile of public defamation of character suits brought against these people. There's no proof of any of this being true, Steve. None of it. They've defamed this man publicly. They destroyed what he had going. And I feel very strongly that if I was in his position, and it was proven that it was false, there would be a very tall package of cases brought against these people for public defamation.

STEVE BANNON (CO-HOST): Rick, what do you think of that fact that there's a Republican, it's been reported that a Republican operative took this information that was out there that even the Luther Strange campaign didn't want to use because it wasn't tightened up enough and got it to The Washington Post and got it weaponized? How does that play with you?

CALLER: Well, like I said, if it proves to be false. If there is [inaudible] that any of these allegations are true, then it would come down to the cases that are brought against those individuals, whoever they are: media, the women involved. It doesn't matter. If it's false, and it's proven false, those cases would go to court, and I would sue those individuals. 


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