Right Wing Media's Reaction To Univision's Democratic Debate: “English, Please”

Conservative media pundits lashed out at the Univision/CNN Democratic Debate after debate moderators asked Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders questions in both English and Spanish.

Debate Questions Asked In English And Spanish

Washington Post: “The Immigration Debate Got A Human Face.” In a March 9 live blog on the Univision/Washington Post Democratic debate, The Washington Post reported:

Lucia, a Guatemalan immigrant to whom a roaming moderator had to translate, may have become the face of the undocumented immigration problem tonight.

In Spanish, Lucia asked the candidates what they would do to stop deportations -- her husband, who she called a “hard worker,” was deported three years ago, separating him from herself and her children.

“What can you do to stop the deportations?” Lucia asked the candidates in Spanish, with the moderator translating. [Washington Post3/9/16]

Right-Wing Pundits Lash Out At Univision/CNN Debate For Translating Questions

Ann Coulter: “I'm Watching A Presidential Debate In The United States Tonight, Being Conducted in Spanish. Adios, America!”:

[Twitter, 3/9/16]

Washington Examiner's Gabby Morrongiello: “This Democratic Debate In Spanish Is Next Level Pandering”:

[Twitter, 3/9/16]

Todd Starnes: “English, Please. #CNN”:

[Twitter, 3/9/16]

Media Research Center's Dan Gainor: “We'll Continue Talking About Immigration After The Break Because That's All Hispanic Media Cares About Apparently”:

[Twitter, 3/9/16]

Fox's Monica Crowley: “This #DemDebate en espanol helps one @realDonaldTrump”:

[Twitter, 3/9/16]