Right-Wing Family Feud Continues: Breitbart.com Bashes “Pinhead” Kristol

Maybe now Bill Kristol knows how Barack Obama feels.

Like Obama, the long-time conservative commentator has become a (temporary) punching bag for the more radical elements of the far-right press. Kristol's sin? Acknowledging that Romney's “47 percent” comments made behind closed doors to wealthy donors were "stupid and arrogant."

Over the weekend, Breitbart.com condemned Kristol as a “pinhead” and suggested a wounded ego was the reason The Weekly Standard editor took issue with Romney's donor comments.

Last week, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin lashed out at Kristol and denounced him as a “windbag” in “meltdown mode.” For Malkin, insulting nearly half the electorate and deriding them as lazy and irresponsible was the perfect campaign pitch for Romney to make. Because according to Malkin, this campaign is all about “about America's makers versus America's takers.” (Fox News also loved the “47 percent” attack line.)

That's clearly how the fanatical far-right media see the looming November election. Yet Kristol's critique of Romney's comments was self-evident: “It's worth recalling that a good chunk of the 47 percent who don't pay income taxes are Romney supporters.”

The fact that Malkin and others castigate Kristol only shows how fanatically they take the oath of loyalty during the campaign season. (And how name-calling is their first response to a debate.)

There's also an alternate universe narrative being pushed in the fevered swamps of the right-wing blogosphere at places like Breitbart.com. It preaches to readers that Romney's campaign is in great shape and that polls suggesting otherwise should be dismissed as bogus because the sampling is all wrong. (Biased!)

The suggestion that Romney's campaign is struggling is all a liberal media creation, goes the Breitbart line. The problem is when conservatives like Kristol puncture the bubble that Malkin and Breitbart bloggers hold so dear. In response, Kristol must be denounced as a fool.

And the family feud rages on.