Oops: Fox Nation's Decision To Hype Bizarre Breitbart Claim Backfires

Yesterday, we noted that Fox Nation amplified Breitbart.tv's paranoid suggestion that CNN “sabotage[d]” Michele Bachmann's Tea Party response to last week's State of the Union address. That's a crazy conspiracy theory for any number of reasons, not least the fact that Fox News itself was responsible for the video feed in question.

Now Breitbart.tv has noted Fox's responsibility -- and suggests that the right-wing cable channel may have sabotaged the right-wing congresswoman:

UPDATE: Sources who were in the room at the time of broadcast now confirm that the pool camera providing the feed for CNN was Fox News. The Fox News pool camera was set up off-kilter from the tele-prompter feed despite the protestations of the Tea Party Express production team. Developing...

In an update, Fox Nation acknowledges that “Breitbart changes his allegation” -- but can't quite bring itself to tell readers that the new allegation is that Fox is the guilty party:

UPDATE: Breitbart changes his allegation. Click here to read more.