On MSNBC, Tom Brokaw Says Media Outlets Like Breitbart News Are “Designed To Keep People Stirred Up”

From the March 1 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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BEN GINSBERG: So it's interesting, you mentioned 1968 as a tough time that we worked our way out of.


GINSBERG: Look to the future a little bit and how do we work our way out of this one? What happens? Is it electing Trump? Is it repudiating Trump? How does the country come out of this?

BROKAW: I don't think it's a single event, Ben. I think that the parties have to take responsibility. What happened to the Democrats, for example, they found a third way. They didn't get stuck as far on the left as they had been, and that led to the election of Bill Clinton who could play across party lines at that point. But now what happens is that the mechanisms so feed a lot of this anger. So, I mean -- I'm in touch with my friends at Breitbart a lot, they've their own system going, all 24/7, they're very smart. They know where their folks are and they play to what they see and find unacceptable 24/7. So a lot of the instrumentation is designed to keep people stirred up, quite honestly.


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