Meet This Year's Winner Of CPAC Award For Being Like Andrew Breitbart

Conservative radio host Mark Levin is receiving the “inaugural” Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award at noon today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual conference for right-wing activists.  

The award, named after the conservative media entrepreneur who passed away in 2012, will be presented by top executives at Breitbart News, the website he founded, and by Citizens United President David Bossie.

Levin has a long history of pushing conservative lies and hateful rhetoric, including recently comparing marriage equality to incest, polygamy, and drug use, comparing supporters of the new health care law to Nazi “brown shirts,”  claiming “middle class” is a “Marxist term,” supporting racial profiling, and likening immigration reform to the “destruction” and “unraveling” of society.

According to Breitbart News, Levin is winning the award because he “fearlessly and passionately stands up for conservatives and everyday Americans whose voices the mainstream press often tries to marginalize or silence.”