Irony alert: Breitbart's Big Government lectures us on who's “credible”

This, from the site that can't read WH visitor's logs, doesn't understand pop culture, can't read polling data, doesn't know what a hate crime is, is clueless about the law, openly mocks Christmas, has trouble reading English, and launched one of the most incompetent smear campaigns in internet history.

And that was just 2009!

So yes, by all means Breitbart & co., please explain to us who's “credible.”

UPDATED: Keep in mind that Breitbart's Big Government is a “conservative journalism” site that refuses to post corrections. Although honestly, with that kind of track record, can you blame him? If Breitbart actually acknowledged the site's flood of errors, he'd have to hire a full-time editor just to handle corrections.

UPDATED: P.S. Did Breitbart ever figure out who those community organizers were praying to? (That one never gets old...)

UPDATED: Start the clock running. Since I've critiqued Big Government's substance, or lack thereof, it's only a matter of time before Breitbart responds with a wave of incoherent, name-calling tweets. He never deals with substance. Behold the future of “conservative journalism.”

UPDATED: Note that it was Breitbart who sat by quietly on Fox News while fellow, factually-challenged guest Ann Coulter tried to re-launch the Obama-attended-a-madrassa smear.