Esquire's Pierce Criticizes's Report On Obama Daughters' Vacation

Pierce: "'Rightwing Entertainment Complex' Are Going To Get Someone Killed"

Matthew Boyle

Esquire's Charles P. Pierce has criticized for reporting the specific location where President Obama's teenage daughters are vacationing for spring break, warning that such actions by the "'rightwing entertainment complex' are going to get someone killed."

On Monday,'s Matthew Boyle published the location and the name of the resort where the Obama daughters are staying for spring break, ignoring the long-standing journalistic tradition that media outlets should not report on a president's minor children when they are not attending “official and semi-official events.”

Pierce responded to in a blog post, arguing that there was “no possible news value” to the report other than to incite readers and that "[s]ooner or later" the "'rightwing entertainment complex' are going to get someone killed":

What possible interest does this serve, except to titillate the dark and envious nether parts of Boyle's 22 readers? (No link, because fk that pudgy little monster.) There is no possible news value to this. Sooner or later, the frolicks of what my pal Boehlert calls the “rightwing entertainment complex” are going to get someone killed.