Does Andrew Breitbart not know what “lied” means? Or doesn't he know what a swastika is?

Or does he just get paid to peddle partisan information? I'm leaning toward the latter.

From his WashTimes column this week [emphasis added]:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is having a hard time these days explaining the president's Israel policy to her Jewish constituents, blatantly lied and said that the protesters were wielding “swastikas and symbols like that.”

Didn't we already go through this routine, and didn't NRO's Jonah Goldberg already sufficiently embarrass himself when he claimed Pelosi was “lying” about the swastika claim?

Guess Breitbart didn't get the memo:

And a bonus for Breitbart, from the Wall Street Journal:

Diane Campbell of Kingston, N.H., held a sign with Mr. Obama's face superimposed on a Nazi storm trooper, a sign, she said, that was made by her chronically ill mother..."Adolf Hitler was for exterminating the weak, not just the Jews and stuff, and socialism -- that's what's going to happen."