The Diabolically Incompetent President

Listen to conservatives talk about President Obama these days and you'll hear them say he's an incompetent boob who isn't that bright, does nothing but play golf, and is utterly lost without his teleprompter.

That is, of course, when he's not flawlessly planning and executing impossibly intricate schemes to further his sinister political aspirations.

To that end, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government asks this morning if Jon Huntsman -- the moderate Republican who stepped down as Obama's ambassador to China to run for the 2012 GOP nomination -- is in cahoots with the president as part of a conspiracy to split the Republican vote and ensure Obama's reelection.

Read, and be amazed:

Independents who buy this line thus may look to spend their vote on a more moderate and palatable candidate. Jon Huntsman would be their man.

And if he is to win votes in any number, I would bet that this would come at the expense of the Republican nominee -- especially if the nominee is not Mitt Romney. Versus Romney, Huntsman would likely struggle to pull Independent votes away. But pit him against a Perry or a Bachmann and Huntsman will stand in clear contrast, and likely be attractive to a percentage of voters.

Besides the incongruence between Huntsman and the Republican party as it is currently constituted, why do I have such a hunch? First, consider that President Obama appointed Huntsman in the first place. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that there is a quid pro quo between the two men? Despite what you may think of Barack Obama, to rise from state Senator to President requires a political shrewdness greater perhaps even than Barack Obama's own ego.


In isolation, none of Huntsman's actions indicate a grand bargain with Barack Obama. But when taken as a whole, it becomes abundantly clear that an afterthought to Republicans could in fact spell defeat in November 2012. While I hope such a theory is wrong, however remote the possibility of this premeditated effort against Republicans, such a threat must be taken seriously, lest we end up with four more years of Barack Obama.

There is no evidence to back up this “theory,” save for the author's assertion that Huntsman has never “publicly attack[ed] Barack Obama's policies in any meaningful way.” And that might be compelling if Huntsman weren't telling Granite Staters that Obama “fundamentally failed us on the most important issue of our time, which is job creation and the economy.”

Also, I'm not sure I quite understand the contours of the “grand bargain” -- Obama gave Huntsman a high-profile job which Huntsman would then have to quit to start a presidential campaign? Doesn't sound like much of a bargain. Then again, Obama has been known to convince people to secretly ghostwrite his own memoirs and guard the truth about his birth in Kenya and/or Indonesia, so I guess anything is possible.