CNN's Chris Cuomo Urges Media To Stop “Normalizing” Breitbart News And Steve Bannon

Cuomo: “Breitbart Is Not A Normal Media Outlet. ... It's A Hateful Outlet Very Often. That's The Truth. People Won't Want To Say It Because They Don't Want The Scrutiny.”  

From the November 14 edition of CNN's New Day:

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BRIAN STELTER: What you hear are these comedians, these artists, these kind of thought leaders in Hollywood, for lack of a better term, struggling with what to do. What to make of this president. An incredibly unusual situation. And Bannon is the latest example. This is not your ordinary Republican administration. And it seems to me that comedians or writers, like everybody else, is kind of struggling. What do we do with that? 

​CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): You've got a new word to deal with in media. Normalizing. ​You had false equivalency​, ​you had false narrative. Now you have normalizing. You know, normalizing, obviously, means making something seem usual when it is unusual. I think what​ [Dave]​ Chappelle talked on and the professor was touching on​ is​ a chance is conditional. ​As someone who’s made a lot of mistakes in their life, ​​when you get another chance, it’s because you're promising to do something different or better. Brian, to the professor's point, Trump has not responded to the chance by addressing the people who are angry at him in a meaningful way. By putting people around him who would assuage those fears​. ​Bannon is a dark arts guy​. ​Breitbart is not a ​n​ormal media outlet​, it's not a normal conservative outlet.​ ​It's a hateful outlet very often. That's the truth. People won't want to say it because they don't want the scrutiny. But is the chance conditional for ​Trump and is he meeting the conditions? 

​STELTER: So far, no, not meeting the conditions. ​


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