Breitbart's Raheem Kassam claims parts of Sweden “are being turned into war zones” due to migration

From the January 19 edition of Sirius XM's Breitbart News Daily:

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RAHEEM KASSAM (HOST): But so far this year, we have at Breitbart London published 16 stories about Sweden alone. Just think about that, it's the 19th of January, we have a bureau of a half a dozen people over in the United Kingdom and 16 of our biggest stories this year have been about Sweden. There is a reason for it. The establishment media will continue -- you remember when President Trump addressed Sweden, I think it was January or February, I think it might have been February last year, talked about what's going on in Sweden, how terrible what's going on in Sweden is. And the CNNs, and the Atlantics, and the Bloombergs, and the Financial Times', they all lost their collective minds and it turns out that the state of affairs is getting even more dire to the point where the opposition Sweden Democrats Party is suggesting pulling the army into the some of the no-go areas to sort out -- what is I suppose euphemistically being termed as gang of violence. And for the Media Matters intern that's listening and writing this up, go back through your Sweden coverage and just hit that delete button before I find it and expose you all for the frauds you are. Let's bring in Oliver Lane now. Oliver, it's a pretty extraordinary situation where one of the so-called social democratic paradises of the world finds its suburbs being turned into war zones. Whereby even the leader of the country now, the prime minister, is not ruling out sending the army in to solve the problem. 


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